Case Studies


Founded in 1967, this client is a world leader in automotive OEM products with four locations in two states. This client wished to move from a paper enrollment environment to a full benefit administration system to streamline the benefit enrollment process and reduce their Human Resources’ workload.  The client also intended to make changes in medical coverage and add two new supplemental benefits. Employee education and benefit communication were their paramount objectives.

WorkPlace Solutions began planning the communication strategy twelve weeks prior to enrollment. We developed a comprehensive benefit booklet containing detailed information on all benefits. Booklets were distributed to every employee prior to enrollment. Employees also attended mandatory group benefit meetings to reinforce their understanding of the benefits that would be available at enrollment.

The client selected two enrollment options for maximum employee convenience. Employees could enroll on site or by calling our Customer Care Center. Electronic enrollment was a significant success resulting in 94% employee participation with 41% of employees electing supplemental benefits. Based on this result, the client decided to incorporate a perpetual enrollment capability for new employees year-round and add the self-enroll option to their next enrollment.

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