Benefit Education & Communication

Employee education and benefit communication are integral contributors to employee happiness.

Employees who are educated about their plan choices understand the value of their benefits. And, better educated employees have a more favorable perception of their work environment, a higher satisfaction level, and improved productivity.

Our goal is to effectively communicate the full scope of available benefits to each employee. This results in better decision-making and higher participation in the enrollment process.

WorkPlace Solutions has worked with clients throughout the United States to educate employees by using a variety of communication methods. We know that each client is unique and requires a customized benefit communication approach. During the implementation phase, we discuss the various communication options available and assist the client in choosing the best options for its employees. Frequently, a combination of options is required to ensure a successful enrollment.

  • One-On-One Benefit Meetings provide employees the opportunity to discuss their Individual requirements with a Benefit Specialist and have their questions answered about their benefit options.

  • The WorkPlace Solutions Customer Care Center offers employees the opportunity to learn about their benefits and enroll through a call center.

  • Group Enrollment Meetings allow employees to meet on a formal or informal basis to learn about their benefits.

  • Benefit Booklets present an overview of the full scope of benefits available at enrollment. Our design team compiles and designs benefit booklets that contain all the information an employee needs to prepare for enrollment in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Confirmation Statements show the employee’s benefit elections, coverage levels, and contributions following enrollment.

  • Total Compensation Statements show employees the total investment their employer provides for their benefits. This provides an effective means of raising employee awareness about the actual cost of their benefits.

  • e-communications can be sent to notify employees about upcoming benefit changes or to remind employees to enroll.

  • Video Presentations can be used to communicate benefits in a self-serve enrollment environment. When used in conjunction with other media methods, video is a very effective communication tool prior to and during actual enrollment.

  • Enrollment Video Postcards are used prior to enrollment to educate employees on the upcoming process.