Enrollment Process

Once we assign our team, establish our education goals, develop our benefit education materials, and finalize the technology we can begin the enrollment process.Our focus turns to: our purpose, our objectives, and our methods

Our purpose is to communicate the employer's benefit plans to employees in a concise, understandable, and efficient way. Employees who understand their benefits will make better decisions and are more likely to take full advantage of their benefit opportunities.

Our objective is to ensure that employees are educated about their benefit options. Through our technology and our people, all questions related to the benefits being offered are answered.

Our methods include three enrollment options:

We have the capability to support electronic enrollments using a range of software systems.

Self-Serve Enrollment allows employees to access their individual records using a secure login and password. Employees can view their current benefits, make changes to their personal information, and enroll in their benefits at any time, from home or at work, wherever an Internet connection is available. Informational screens help employees understand their benefit options.

On Location Enrollment allows employees to attend one-on-one meetings with a Benefit Specialist. This process begins with careful scheduling to ensure that all eligible employees have access to a Benefit Specialist in their department or at a convenient  location in their workplace to minimize workflow disruption. Each Benefit Specialist is fully trained in the core and voluntary benefits being offered.

Telephonic Enrollment is available to employees by calling the WorkPlace Solutions Customer Care Center and speaking with a Benefit Specialist. Through the Customer Care Center employees can discuss one-on-one their benefit options and complete their enrollment  by using a secure pin code to finalize their selections. Following annual enrollment our Customer Care Center is available year-round for perpetual enrollment, life event changes, and customer service assistance.