Our Approach

We begin the process with a comprehensive analysis of the client’s current enrollment process to identify deficiencies in product availability, service delivery, and benefit administration. We explore opportunities for development using a “best approach” method, which may include 

  1. Introducing electronic enrollment where a paper environment exists
  2. Adding a perpetual enrollment component
  3. Improving communication materials
  4. Suggesting steps to simplify benefits administration

By integrating the positive aspects of the client’s current processes with our resources we are able to develop a benefit experience that is beneficial to both the client and its employees. Employee education, enrollment efficiency, and cost reduction are the focal points of our approach.

At WorkPlace Solutions, we believe the team approach offers the most complete and efficient way to work with our clients. 

Once a client engages our services, we begin by building a team of experts to focus on our client's specific requirements. The Client Team works together and independently to provide the maximum support throughout the enrollment process and ensure all aspects of service are fully examined and delivered. We understand that each client has very different, yet important, needs. Our client works with the same team from the initial planning stage through implementation and enrollment to maintain continuity and produce effective results.


  • Project Leader - oversees the entire process and works directly with the client to manage the client's expectations.
  • Account Executive - responsible for setting up timelines and gathering information needed to ensure a successful enrollment.  This team member works with the client on all day to day issues throughout the process.
  • Account Manager - responsible for the onsite enrollment process and works with the client to ensure a successful enrollment.
  • Information Technology Analyst - works with the client to ensure all necessary documents and data are received to build the enrollment platform.

Our experience has shown that the Team Approach brings effective results. All phases of the process, from initial plan design through final enrollment, are identified and assigned to the appropriate team member. Each team member is responsible and accountable for the success of the enrollment within the established timeline.

We understand that responsibilty and accountability are essential to making this process work within the established timeline.