About Us

WorkPlace Solutions is a national benefits communication and enrollment company located in Columbia, South Carolina. We have been serving clients throughout the United States since 1996 with a focus on customizing benefit enrollment and administration solutions. Our strength is our foundation of trust and teamwork. We work in partnership with our brokers and clients to simplify benefit communication and management.

Our Leadership Team

Bobbie Peluso
Founder & Owner

As the first woman at Aetna to hold a Regional Director position, Bobbie saw a clear need to have more women promoted to higher levels in the marketing and sales area. This prompted her to successfully organize a task force to pursue this important objective in a period when women were not recognized as prime contributors to the company's sales effort. She continued to excel in her career with Aetna and, was the first woman to hold the title of Life General Agent for the company.

In 1996, Bobbie founded WorkPlace Solutions, which has become a multi-million dollar corporation. She continues to oversee all business operations.

Charlie Peluso
Chief Executive Officer

Charlie was instrumental in founding the company and is responsible for overseeing all sales and enrollment services for the company. His prior experience includes leadership roles with major carriers, which prepared him for the development and advancement of WorkPlace Solutions.

Beau Boudreaux

Beau manages all aspects of sales and business development. With over 25 years of benefit communication and enrollment services experience, he brings extensive knowledge to our business partners and clients. He has been with WorkPlace Solutions since its inception in 1996.

Prior to joining the company, Beau held leadership positions with Aetna. He directed enrollments for clients in various industries, ranging from healthcare, municipalities, school districts, trucking firms, and manufacturing.

Chad Peluso
Executive Vice President of Enrollment Services

Chad manages all resources related to enrollment, including our Benefit Specialists who support on-site and Call Center enrollments. He coordinates enrollment logistics and staffing. He has been with WorkPlace Solutions since 1996.

Marty Jones
National Sales Director

Marty oversees sales, marketing and broker development. Prior to joining WPS in 2013, she held leadership positions in large case and broker sales and marketing with Colonial Life.

Angel Scott
Human Resources Director

Angel is responsible for all administrative functions associated with WorkPlace Solutions, including financial matters related to the business operation.

Prior to joining WorkPlace Solutions in 2014, Angel was employed by BenefitFirst.

Michael Quinzi
Director of Information Technology

As IT Director, Michael is responsible for the management, strategy and execution of IT infrastructure for Workplace Solutions. He oversees technical projects in alignment with organizational goals. Directing the effective delivery of networks, development and disaster recovery systems and processes.

Michael has been with WorkPlace Solutions since 2013.

Eryn Ellzey
Director of Operations

Eryn is responsible for the staff management, services provided, client relations, our Benefit Service Center and department supervision.

Eryn has been with WorkPlace Solutions since 2007.

Gavin Dilley
Benefit Service Center Manager

Gavin is responsible for managing all aspects of the Benefit Service Center. This includes hiring, training, coaching and leading Benefit Specialists that provide customer support. He ensures customer satisfaction and properly allocates available resources.

Gavin joined WorkPlace Solutions in 2014.

Our Mission

We strive to educate and assist employees in high-quality benefit programs through simplified benefit communications and a streamlined enrollment process. This results in employee awareness, appreciation, and participation in the benefit programs provided by their employers. We stress the importance of good benefit communication throughout the implementation and enrollment process